The charcoal is best to polish the face, how to go

How to make charcoal face scrub,skin whitening with charcoal

The charcoal is best to polish the face, how to go

Friends have used charcoal for the skin nowadays. You have many benefits from charcoal, you are going to tell us about how effective it is for the skin. This black powder decotes your skin and makes the skin smooth. When the skin is well kept clean, it does glow. It gives excellent results on the sensitive skin of oily and acne. It gives absorbing skin with absorption of excess oil from the skin. Due to oil control, it also helps in reducing pimples. The activated charcoal makes toxins, plutants, seabes and chemicals from the surface of the skin, making the face immaculate and fluttering.

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You can apply activated charcoal by mixing it in a face pack. Or it can create a new face pack by itself. Its cracked texture gives you the opportunity to use it as a scrub.

Packing material

1/2 tsp activated charcoal powder
1 tspn multinea clay
1 tsp rose water
1 tablespoon curd

Made pack

Mix all these ingredients well and get it. After this, paste the paste on face as a face mask and wash face with about 15 minutes after washing it.

Charcoal scrub material

1 tbsps activated charcoal powder
1 tbsp virgin olive oil
1 tbsp Dandari pi sugars

Mix well after adding Virgin Olive Oil to sugar. After that add activated charcoal powder and mix it with light hands. When the cracked black paste is ready, keep it on the skin for 2 minutes. After that scratch with light hands and remove them.

After removing a face mask or scrubbing, stick some particles of charcoal on your face or you face some black look. But do not panic, your face will shine when washing the face thoroughly with a gentle clenzer.

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