Easy domestic ways to enhance hair

Best easy hair growth home remedies

Best easy hair hair growth home remedies, ayurvedic hair growth remedies,hair regrowth

           Friends, we look the most, this is what we all want. And this specialty, that is, a lot of elaborate hair plays a strong role in enhancing beauty. Everyone's hair sticks are different. If someone has less hair in his head then a dense hair is seen waving. But beautiful and dense hair looks good to everyone regardless of whether they are male or female. Everyone wants to decorate dense hair in their own way. But due to the pollution-filled atmosphere and the wrong lifestyle, it is a challenge to improve the condition of hair.
But you do not have to worry. Feel free to embrace this challenge and take it along with our methods, on the campaign of hair growth. Come to friends, we know that by adopting some home remedies that you can prevent hair from falling, you can keep them dense and taller.
Best easy hair hair growth home remedies, ayurvedic hair growth remedies,hair regrowth,hair growth oil

1. Coconut Milk
Put coconut milk on your head with a brush, and leave a towel on the head for about 20-25 minutes. Then remove the towel and wash the hair with cold water. After shampooing, try this recipe once a week to stop your hair from falling within a few days. Remember, coconut water is not coconut milk on the head. After leaving the coconut, it comes out from the squeezing.

2. Aloe Vera
Wash your hair thoroughly with plain water. Then massage well all over the head with the pulp from the leaves of Elovera. After 15 minutes, wash the head with plain water and try this recipe three times a day in the morning. In a few days the difference will begin to appear.

3. Mango
It is common that you have to use neem in it and you will find neem everywhere. Boil neem leaves so long in water that the water should be halfway. Now let it cool down. Blast this leftover water well on the head. You can do this even after shampoo. Try this Formula once a week.

4. Amla
Who is unaware of the blessings of Amla? All of us have been hearing from childhood that Amla is beneficial for hair. But knowing the right way to use Amla is also important. Boil some dry amla coconut oil so long that the oil becomes black. When cooled, place this oil in a glass bottle. Massively massage the head with this oil twice a week and shampoo after 20 minutes. You will understand the possibility of it very soon.

5. Fenugreek
You only use fenugreek seeds in the kitchen. Fill two spoons of fenugreek seeds in coconut oil. Take off the stove and cool it down while running it well. Take this mixture a bit, and then lightly rub it in the roots of hair for some time. After 20 to 25 minutes wash your head with plain water. But yes try it once or twice a month.

6. Bitroot
Beetroot i.e. beetroot leaves, firstly, some leaves of beet boil in water so long that water should be halfway. Grind boiled leaves with henna leaves and make paste. Massively massage this paste on the head and wash the head after 20 minutes. Try this recipe three times a week and get a healthy hair.

7. Green Tea
Put two bags of green tea in hot water. Once the water is cooled, take out the tea bag and rub that water on the whole head. It can be used twice as a conditioner after shampoo in the week. It will also strengthen the hair and it will also shine.

8. Garlic
By eating 4 to 5 buds of garlic in the daily diet, hair is dense. Applying garlic juice and putting it in the head also results in hair growth.

9. Seethafl
Citaph is the fruit that nourishes the body in many ways. Even after eating citaph, your hair becomes dense in a few days. Seedling seeds and seeds of plum seeds, grind them in equal proportions and grind them into the roots of the hair. The taste of the flavor makes the heart happy, the same will make the hair happy.

10. Radish
Radish we eat for salad. But the radish is very useful, especially to make the stomach and your hair dense. After eating meal with half a radish in the afternoon, after applying salt with black pepper, the hair color is clean and the hair becomes too long. Use it for 3-4 months continuously.

11. Cucumber
Silk and sulfur contain more quantity in cucumber, which help in making hair thick. Therefore, on whose head the hair is low they should eat cucumber every day, hair becomes dense.
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