Get Hair Color tips with Mehandi

To get tremendous dark black color in hair, add this things in the mehandi, hair will turn black

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Friends, due to the changing lifestyle and mis-eating of today, early whitening hair starts coming out in the hair. And there are some other reasons such as not having to clean the stomach properly, worry more, take less sleep, due to all these reasons, hair starts getting white before time. So guys, I have come here with a recipe for you. Using which hair color will turn black.

First prepare tea leaf water-

For this, first put 1 to 2 glasses of water in a vessel and put it on a low flame. Now put tea leaf Amla and 5 loung in it. When this water boils well and leaves half of it, then take it off from the gas. And when it cools down, filter it.

Make such a mehndi pack-

For this, take a henna powder in one iron vessel. Now you add mustard oil, two to four drop almond oil kutha and one two teaspoon honey. Because often your hair gets dry after applying henna. If you mix honey in it. So your hair gets good conditioning. And your hair does not dry. To get the dark color of hair, please insert the cough in Mehdi. Now you can prepare a pack by putting tea leaf water in Mehndi.

Leave it covered for 7 to 8 hours. If you want, prepare these henna paste in the night. And in the morning you put your hair in good shape. This pack of henna keeps your hair color. And your hair becomes very soft and silky. Your hair will remain black for a long time.

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