How to make skin tonner at home

How to make skin tonner at home,home remedies,skin whitening

Get the Toner in the Home and Get Glow on the Face.

Friends, if you want a glowing skin then you have to keep your face in it for a special consideration. But the question is how will you take special care of your skin, especially when you have to use a variety of make-up products. Chemical used to make these beauty products can be harmful to your face. But now you can avoid harmful elements of these beauty products. All you have to do is to use home toner toner.

But you will be wondering how to make a toner at home. So now you are not worried because we are going to tell you how to make a toner. You can make this toner with just two things and it will be beneficial for your skin. Using a home made toner, your skin will remain glowing and soft.

How To Make Toner:

Keep two to three tablespoons rice for soaking overnight in water. You can soak rice in hot water if you wish. .

After this, separate this water and add two to three tablespoon lemon juice and mix it well. Mix the mix well. If you do not want to buy toner at home then you want to buy online, then its 200 ml box has a market price of Rs 390, but it is yours.

Now keep this mix for cooling in the fridge. Prepare Your Chemical Without Toner .

Use this toner to wash your face. Put this toner on face for two to five minutes and then wash it with cold water. After this, moisturize your face. .

Put it on your face twice daily, but keep in mind that after washing the face, apply it. This toner is very good for oily skin, because rice water extends the pores by removing the oil present in our skin. This toner also helps in making our skin radiant.

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