10 types of facials: know which will be right for your skin

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10 types of facials: know which will be right for your skin

Facials are an important treatment for proper skin care and to maintain facial beauty. Nowadays there are many types of facial kits available in the market. This leaves women in a dilemma as to which kit to buy.
Many times beauty parlors do not give us the right information about which facial should be used according to our skin. Because their eyesight is on their profits, so they suggest costly facials, whether they are right or not for our skin.

In view of your similar dilemmas, we have brought this information to you, so that you can choose the right facials according to your skin. Let's know about different types of facials for every skin ...

1. D Tan Facial: This skin is suitable for oily skin which is tan quickly. This reduces melanine production and tan of the skin.

2. Diamond Facials: This facial suits all skin types. Its fine dust massage cream is beneficial in reducing wrinkles and pimples. In addition, it also makes the skin fair. This is true for wedding functions.

3. Aroma therapy facials: It is effective in correcting the mood and mood with the facial cleansing. It uses aroma oil according to your skin type.

4. Photo Facial: This is new technology. In this light, skin problems, such as pimples, large lumps, wrinkles etc. are treated. This is a special technique, and like other facials you cannot get it done in a common beauty parlor. Some skin specialist who have received special education or experience for such skin treatment can do the same.

5. Gold Facials: It suits every skin type. The bride likes to get it done at the time of marriage. It is extremely effective in bringing glow on the skin.

6. Skin Lighting Facials: It is suitable for dry skin, as all the ingredients used in it are herbal. If you want to lighten your skin tone, then it will be fine for you.

7. Red wine facials: Red wine is 20 times more than vitamin C and 50 times more than vitamin E. It is effective in protecting skin. It contains many anti-oxidants, which give elasticity to the skin and keep wrinkles away.

8. Watermelon Facial: It is designed to relax the skin that is scorched by heat. It makes the skin young and gives a feeling of freshness.

9. Sensiglo Facial: It is beneficial for sensitive skin. Like others it does not harm sensitive skin.

10. Anti aging facials: It is designed for women of 35-40 years of age, whose skin is normal. The mask used in this facial is helpful in keeping the skin sagging and aging away.

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